• Here are the basics:
    • Admit- A person must admit to God that they are a sinner and have disobeyed God. They must be sorry for their sin and turn away from sinning (repent). Look up and read the following verses: Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; Acts 3:19; and 1 John 1:9.
    • Believe- A person must believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for sin and place their faith and trust in Him alone for their salvation. Verses to read about believing include John 3:16; John 14:6; and Romans 5:8.
    • Confess- A person must confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their life. Read Romans 10:9-10, 13.

    If you believe these things, here is a simple prayer you may pray to God to commit your life to follow Jesus. Simply saying these words doesn’t save you; you must trust and mean what you are saying:

    Dear God, thank You for choosing to love me! I know I am a sinner. I believe You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins. I believe He rose again and lives today. Today, I repent and turn away from my sin. I want to follow Jesus in obedience, be baptized, and live my life for You alone. Thank You for Your wonderful love and for changing my life forever. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a Christian, watch this brief video:

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I made a decision.

What is baptism?

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. It’s a public declaration of how Jesus changed your life. Being baptized shows others that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, and allows them to celebrate this decision with you (Acts 16:31-34).

Baptism doesn’t save a person; it’s a symbol and celebration of salvation (1 Peter 3:21). The power that brought Jesus back to life is the same power Jesus uses to change our lives – and that’s worth getting excited about!

Why should I be baptized?

Jesus instructs us to be baptized and set the example by being baptized (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 1:9).

Obedience to Jesus shows we believe and follow Him. (1 John 2:3). Because Jesus went public about His love for us, we can go public about our love for Him. Being baptized shows that we turn away from a life of sin toward Jesus, the only one who can change us (Acts 2:38-41).

When should I be baptized?

Jesus asks us to be baptized as soon as we decide to become life-long followers of him, through repentance and faith. Baptism shows the world that we have made that decision.

Do you baptize kids?

Each person must decide, individually, if they will commit their lives to Jesus, including children (Romans 10:9).

Any instance of baptism follows a person’s decision to trust Jesus for his or her salvation and commitment to follow Him (Acts 10:47-48). At SBC, we wait until children are old enough to express their own decision to follow Jesus and understand the meaning of baptism.

Why should I be baptized by immersion?

Immersion, sprinkling, and pouring are three common methods of baptism. Baptisms in the Bible were by immersion. The original word for baptism most often referred to being immersed or submerged in water. Jesus was baptized by being immersed in the water and rising out of it (Matthew 3:16, Mark 1:10).

Submersion in the water best symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Being submersed underwater represents our death to sin and old way of life, and being raised out of the water is a picture of how Jesus raised us and gave us a fresh start in life (Romans 6:3-5). Immersion also pictures a total cleansing from sin.

Should I be baptized again?

If you haven’t been baptized by immersion since you decided to follow Jesus, we want you to do so in order to take that next step of following Jesus.

God never asks us do anything that isn’t good for us. He always gives us much more than we deserve, including the joy that comes from listening to Him and obeying what He says.

How do I get baptized?

If you are ready to follow Jesus in believer’s baptism, the first step is making your decision public. You can do this by taking our next Prospective Members’ Class or by walking forward and speaking to our Pastor at the end of any worship service, during the “invitation time” (usually during the final song). Afterwards, our church will celebrate with you in your decision and we will follow-up with scheduling your baptism.

Can I get more info?

If you would like more information about baptism, our Pastor would love to speak personally to you. Feel free to contact the church office to set up a meeting time.

Why should I become a member of SBC?

  • Church membership is a demonstration of your commitment to Jesus and dedication to worship and serve alongside a group of other like-minded believers.

  • Becoming a member empowers you to serve God in more ways at SBC.

  • Membership is an important first step in greater involvement in the work God is doing at SBC.

What are the requirements for membership?

  1. Repent and Trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  2. Be baptized by immersion.

  3. Agree with our statement of beliefs.

How do I join?

If you are ready to become a member at SBC, we HIGHLY encourage you to participate in our next Prospective Members’ Class. At this class we will help you get to know our church better and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the class, you will have an opportunity to join, should you so choose.

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